Mentoring Programme

Mentoring is a relationship between two people with the goal of professional and personal development. It is a highly valuable activity that can help the students in their overall development. In its core is the relationship between the mentor and the mentee, where the growth of the mentee is the key focus.

The main aim of mentoring is to focus on development and growth of the individual. With appropriate guidance from the mentors, the mentee will be able to resolve the issues that are identified mutually, by the mentor and the mentee. The mentor is the guide to the mentee towards the answers that are right for him/her.

Mentoring is much more about counselling the students. It addresses the qualitative aspects of the students’ overall development, such as dealing with frustration, constructive criticism, handling disappointment, etc. At the same time, mentoring focusses to encourage the students to increase efforts for their own development.

It is a responsibility that the mentors have taken and they are committed towards a complete, coherent and constructive developmentof their mentees. As Leigh Curl said, ‘Best mentors are the people in your life who push you just a little bit outside your comfort zone.’ Through continued involvement, the mentors offer support, guidance and assistance to the mentees to face new challenges and work to correct their problems.

The students are benefitted in various ways and their overall development is encouraged. They are encouraged and insisted to move out of their comfort zones, and explore their hidden potentials. All of them have some or other skills that require either a platform or a mentor to identify. Through mentoring the efforts of all the mentors will be directed to motivate the students to push their boundaries and achieve greater success.

Objectives of mentoring:


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    To meet the challenges of coming days at the international fledge, with vast and fast developing information technology, we would enhance modern managers and versatile administrators through our institute of management education.


    "With providing value- based technical education to students to mould out of them citizens of whom India can take pride and to provide mental, physical, moral and spiritual development of the students and thereby help students in realizing their full potential and career goals.”


    Anand Institute of Management delivers quality education & training to students as per the norms of university through nurturing & learning environment. Institute is dedicated towards continual improvement in context of personality development, professional skills, knowledge, teamwork, facilities, research & faculties to meet the global standards & keeping the stakeholders satisfied.”



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