Mock Interview

Mock interviews enable candidates to have a fair idea about the sort of things they are going to experience at actual interviews, and prepare them how accurately they can deal with it. The students are trained for the new opportunities they can explore by being perfect at the actual interview sessions. Mock interviews bring thestudents to perfection and boost their confidence. Mock interviews help to reduce their anxiety about interviewing by training them for the typical interview questions. The purpose of these mock interviews is to point out one’s weaknesses and guide them to bring perfection by rectifying those. In the process the students gain their confidence by having the knowledge about their strengths and shortcomings.

Mock interviews also prepare students for behaviour-based issues in an interview. In a real interview the behavioural standard is judged by the interviewee’s body language. So, it is very important to know how one can appear best by employing those standard set of gestures. From the moment of entry in the interview room everything about the posture will be marked minutely. Right from the way of stepping into the room, greetings to the panelists, way of looking at them, style of sitting and manner of responding to them – everything is considered. And mock interview sessions are the best ways to gather knowledge about all these little details which are too important to overlook.

The vision behind conducting the mock interview is to bring the level of students’ competencies and skills at par with the industrial standards. Most of the students are unaware of their shortcomings. They do not have the knowledge of what are the requirements of the real market. Mock interviews are a platform for the students to identify the areas where they are lacking and need improvement. If the students imbibe the right process into their development, the end product will definitely be right. With the help of mock interviews with experienced faculties, directors and industrialists, the students get a clear idea of what improvements and changes they are required to bring into themselves to meet the standards of industries.


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