Events & Activity

Events Dates Events & Activity
31-Jan-2020 Monthly report - JAN 2020
30-Nov-2019 Monthly report - NOV 2019
31-Oct-2019 Monthly report - OCT 2019
07-Sep-2019 SAHAS - EDP
05-Sep-2019 Teacher's Day
31-Aug-2019 Poster Presentation
31-Aug-2019 Visit to Police Town
14-Aug-2019 Tree Plantation
14-Aug-2019 Orientation Programme
08-Aug-2019 Industrial visit at MADHUBHAN RESORT
05-Aug-2019 Blood Donation
24-Jan-2019 Sports Day
04-Jan-2019 Placement Drive
09-Oct-2018 Navratri 2018
04-Oct-2018 Blood Donation
03-Oct-2018 Singing Hunt 2018
19-Sep-2018 Thalassemia Camp
19-Sep-2018 Elocution & Article Writing Competition
15-Sep-2018 ISR - Institute Social Responsibility
25-Aug-2018 Women development cell
24-Aug-2018 Guest Lecture
16-Aug-2018 Orientation Programme
28-Feb-2018 February 2018
22-Feb-2018 GTU TECH FEST - ORIANA 2018
17-Feb-2018 Expert Lecture for Marketing Specialization
10-Feb-2018 Eco Planet Club Activity
03-Feb-2018 Sports Day
31-Jan-2018 January 2018
31-Dec-2017 December 2017
30-Nov-2017 November 2017
18-Nov-2017 National Day Celebration at GTU, Chandkheda
31-Oct-2017 October 2017
26-Oct-2017 Industrial Visit to ISRO
30-Sep-2017 September 2017
23-Sep-2017 Navratri 2K17
21-Sep-2017 MOU for Import Export
15-Sep-2017 Blood Donation
12-Sep-2017 Industrial Visit at IIM & CED - Ahmedabad
09-Sep-2017 Eco Planet Club
09-Sep-2017 Investor’s Awareness Programme
06-Sep-2017 Health Awareness
05-Sep-2017 Teacher's Day 2017
01-Sep-2017 Seminar by C.A. Aman Chugh
19-Aug-2017 Orientation Programme
30-Apr-2017 April 2017
29-Apr-2017 FRC
29-Apr-2017 Udaan 2017 - Job Fair
19-Apr-2017 To 24-Sep-2017 Educational Tour
15-Mar-2017 10-Mar-2017 To 11-Mar-2017 AIM incredibles
10-Mar-2017 To 11-Mar-2017 Oriana
28-Feb-2017 Goonj - 2017
18-Feb-2017 Eco Planet Club - " No Vehicle Day & Paper Bags Making Competition"
18-Feb-2017 Guest talk by Mr. Snehal Bhatt
11-Feb-2017 National Seminar 2017
04-Feb-2017 Women Devlopment Activity
31-Jan-2017 Activity report - Jan 2017
31-Dec-2016 Academic Advisory Meeting
31-Dec-2016 Activity report - Dec 2016
31-Jan-2017 Expert Talk by Mr. Dipesh Gandhi
28-Jan-2017 Sports Day
24-Jan-2017 Industrial Visit at Reliance - Textile unit (VIMAL)
13-Dec-2016 Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyan
08-Dec-2016 Red Ribbon Activity
03-Dec-2016 Parents Teachers Meeting
30-Nov-2016 Activity report - Nov 2016
25-Nov-2016 To 26-Nov-2016 EDP
31-Oct-2016 Activity report - Oct 2016
17-Oct-2016 ST SC Meeting
15-Oct-2016 Felicitation Programme
01-Oct-2016 Navratri
30-Sep-2016 Activity report - Sept 2016
10-Sep-2016 Mock Drill Training
10-Sep-2016 ISR - Institute Social Responsibility
05-Sep-2016 Teacher's Day
03-Sep-2016 Blood Donation & Thalassemia Test
31-Aug-2016 Activity report - Aug 2016
27-Aug-2016 Eco Planet Club Activity
27-Aug-2016 Women Cell Development Activity
27-Aug-2016 CSR of Yes Bank
13-Aug-2016 International Youth Day Celebration and National Library Day
05-Aug-2016 To 06-Aug-2016 Orientation Programme
21-Jun-2016 International Yoga Day 2016
26-Apr-2016 Green Audit
25-Apr-2016 Management Development Programme
12-Apr-2016 Local Inspection Expert Committee - 2016
05-Mar-2016 National Seminar 2016
16-Feb-2016 GOONJ 2016 – A Cultural Fest
09-Feb-2016 Meeting of Academic Advisory Council
05-Feb-2016 FDP for Software Training for Business Simulation
05-Feb-2016 Industrial Visit at Kalptaru & GIFT City
30-Jan-2016 Sports Day
15-Oct-2015 Expert lecture by Mrs. Kinnari Hariyani
15-Oct-2015 Expert lecture by Mrs. Shweta Navani
08-Oct-2015 Expert lecture by Dr. P.K.Priyan
07-Oct-2015 Expert lecture by Ms. Zankhana Srivastava
02-Nov-2015 Expert lecture by Mr. Anavartham
02-Nov-2015 FDP for Consultation for innovative teaching practices by Dr. Anavartham
23-Jan-2016 FDP on Quality Management System
25-Jan-2016 Visit to Incubation Centres
20-Jan-2016 HR - Mania
12-Jan-2016 Mobile App Launch
12-Jan-2016 Red Ribbon Activity
07-Jan-2016 FDP by Mr. Deepak Bhatt


Anand Institute of Management

Mailing address:
Shri RamKrishna Seva Mandal Campus,
Opp. Town Hall, Anand - 388 001
02692 269977


    To meet the challenges of coming days at the international fledge, with vast and fast developing information technology, we would enhance modern managers and versatile administrators through our institute of management education.


    "With providing value- based technical education to students to mould out of them citizens of whom India can take pride and to provide mental, physical, moral and spiritual development of the students and thereby help students in realizing their full potential and career goals.”


    Anand Institute of Management delivers quality education & training to students as per the norms of university through nurturing & learning environment. Institute is dedicated towards continual improvement in context of personality development, professional skills, knowledge, teamwork, facilities, research & faculties to meet the global standards & keeping the stakeholders satisfied.”



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