Upon successful completion of the programme, the students would have the following attributes:

  • Knowledge of management concepts and theories with practical approach
  • Practical knowledge of corporate/industry working
  • Students with multi-disciplinary approach
  • Positive attitude and team spirit among the students
  • Personality development and effective communication skills among the students
  • Students with high level of satisfaction


  • To produce post graduate students who would have acquired fundamental knowledge of management theories and who can apply these concepts in their selected area of specialisation and develop effective solution to the problem.
  • To provide practical and industry exposure to the students along with the management theories to get a feel of corporate working before stepping in to the real corporate world.
  • To produce post graduates who can function effectively in a multi-disciplinary environment and individually, within a global, societal, and environmental context.
  • To produce graduates who would be able to take individual responsibility and to work as a part of a team towards the fulfilment of both individual and organizational goals.
  • To develop the positive attitude among the students through two way interaction so that they can cope up the corporate stress with high morale.
  • To develop the personality and effective communication skills among the students through presentations, discussions, mock interviews, professional attire and basic etiquettes.
  • To ensure the satisfaction of the students through feedback mechanism, suggestion box and the regular interaction of the students with the director and the faculties.


Anand Institute of Management

Mailing address:
Shri RamKrishna Seva Mandal Campus,
Opp. Town Hall, Anand - 388 001
02692 269977


    To meet the challenges of coming days at the international fledge, with vast and fast developing information technology, we would enhance modern managers and versatile administrators through our institute of management education.


    "With providing value- based technical education to students to mould out of them citizens of whom India can take pride and to provide mental, physical, moral and spiritual development of the students and thereby help students in realizing their full potential and career goals.”


    Anand Institute of Management delivers quality education & training to students as per the norms of university through nurturing & learning environment. Institute is dedicated towards continual improvement in context of personality development, professional skills, knowledge, teamwork, facilities, research & faculties to meet the global standards & keeping the stakeholders satisfied.”



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